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Horseback Riding Lessons

The Program

Above all else, what we hope to offer at Mt. Hood Riding Academy is a solid foundation in excellent horsemanship. Our goal is to teach children and adults how to grow as horse people, teaching solid principles that filter into all areas of life. 

Students will work toward understanding equine behavior, body language, and biomechanics. A balanced, independent seat, soft educated hands, correct use of hand, leg, and seat aids will be developed. Trainers will offer the “what, when’s, how’s and why’s” to riders. Leadership and partnership skills will be featured in every part of our training program in order to build a sense of personal responsibility in each student as they develop relationships with their equine partners. 


Regardless of previous experience, all new riders must start with a private 1-hour assessment lesson. This gives us a chance to evaluate your current skill level and get to know you and visa vera!. This is a great time to discuss your goals so we can come up with a program that suits your needs.

After your assessment lesson and learning about your goals, we will provide a training plan. Guaranteed lessons must be taken a minimum of once per week, however, more frequent riding will ensure more rapid progress.


Assessment Lesson
$50 One Time
  • 1 Hour Lesson
Group Lessons
$45 Per Lesson
  • Up to 3 Riders
Private Lesson
$75 Per Lesson
  • One on One with Instructor
Little's Program
$25 Per Lesson
  • Half Hour Lesson
  • For kids ages 2-5 years old