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Our Mission

Our unique combination of academics and enrichments provides students with a distinctive learning advantage. Beginning in preschool and continuing through 5th grade, students will be engaged in an integrated program that includes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Equine, Agriculture, Art and Math) as our foundation and enrichments that enhance learning and provide diverse opportunities for students to learn through hands-on opportunities. Our mission is to inspire our students to be positive stewards of their community by taking an active role in their own learning. We share a goal to provide an inclusive learning environment for all students. 


Students will be grouped together within small cohorts. These cohorts will allow for more focused attention from the instructors, flexibility to do engaging projects and the opportunity to build relationships within a consistent community. The cohorts will be broken up into the Pee-Wee wranglers, our pre-k students [aged 3-5], and primary grade students will form two more cohorts of students grades Kinder to 2nd and 3rd to 5th grade


MHC Learning collective is providing programming five days a week from 8am to 3pm with options for extended care. Families have a choice of enrolling their students 2-3 days or 4-5 days a week. Different enrichments will be held on different days so please make sure you check your cohorts schedule if you are seeking specific classes. 


We are working on expanding our program for the 2020 fall school year and we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. If you feel inclined, please fill out the survey below

If you would like to learn more, please email our education director, Sarah Anderson, at sarah@mthoodcenter.com

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