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MHC Learning Collective is an agriculturally based program that provides a balanced educational experience

"I love the idea of having a place for youth to learn all about horses. So many of the those places are disappearing. "

Our unique combination of academics and enrichment classes provide Student-Wranglers with a distinctive learning advantage. Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through 8th grade, Wranglers will be engaged in a tailored program that includes an integrated approach that combines core academics with a variety of diverse opportunities.

Our Enrichment classes include:
  • Equine Studies
  • Introduction to Spanish
  • Farm to Table Food Propagation and Preparation
  • Woodshop
  • Art
  • and more 


In the Classroom

Wranglers will be grouped together within small cohorts. These cohorts will allow for more focused attention from the instructors, flexibility to do engaging projects and the opportunity to build relationships within a consistent community.

The cohorts will be broken up into:
  • The Primary grade Wranglers will form three more cohorts: 
    • - Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
    • - 3rd Grade to 5thGrade
    • - 6th Grade to 8thGrade, middle schoolers.

Be on the lookout for: summer camps, spring break camps, and other equine learning opportunities at The MHC Equine Academy. -Coming very soon!


Equine Offerings