About us

Aaron Shelley.jpg
Aaron Shelley // Principal / Wood Shop and Health & Wellness Enrichment

I have been with the Learning Collective and Equine Academy since its inception in 2018. My background is in Health and Wellness. I earned my degrees from Oregon State University then went on to work at four Universities including Oregon State, University of Kentucky, University of Nevada and Texas Tech University. I have worked with 1000’s of collegiate and professional athletes over the course of my career as well as with many respected organizations around the country. I hope my experiences bring a sense of organization, discipline and enthusiasm to our culture here at the Mt Hood Center Equine Academy and Learning Collective. I am passionate about our robust program and love seeing the commitment of our team, parents and student-wranglers. It truly is a joy to be here! I live here onsite at the MHC. I serve as the Director of Operations and oversee every facet of our program. Being onsite allows me to be truly in touch with the ongoings of all our programs. My wife, Jill, is also a part of the program and works with the Farm to Table program, the Health and Wellness program, and the Equine Lesson program. My daughter, Jada aged 7, is a student-wrangler our program. She loves learning about the equestrian lifestyle and all that goes with it.

Gwen Crump.jpg
Gwenyth Crump // Equine Studies Assistant

My name is Gwenyth Crump. I enjoy riding my horse, Flynn and playing with my dog in my free time. I have loved learning and growing with my Warm Springs mustang Flynn since he was a baby. I was born and raised in the Portland metro area.

Lori Brown.jpg
Lori Brown // Teacher

I am the K-2 Teacher and Future PreK Teacher

I’ve been an educator for 20+ years and worked in public and private school settings with preschool through 8th graders. I love to integrate subjects such as Literature, Social Studies, Science and Art and design lessons that are hands on and engaging for students. 

I am thrilled to join the Learning Collective and look forward to designing a Creative Preschool experience full of opportunities of discovery, for our youngest students!

I was born and raised right here in Boring, Oregon. My husband Mike and I have a daughter, Amelia who is 9 years old who is overjoyed to be able to learn more about horses in her Equine studies class! We also have three amazing adult children, Makenzie, Christian and Chloe. We also have an Aussie Doodle named Gus.

Taylor Bennett-Taylor.jpg
Taylor Bennett // Instructional Assistant/PE Instructor

My Name is Taylor Bennett-Taylor, I’m the Instructor Assistant for The Dragonfly group which is the K-2 cohort. Also I’m the PE instructor and help with Art for all the students. I help around the barn as well, like helping with horses, painting, and other small jobs. I started working at the MHC facility in late July of 2020 and was asked to help with The Learning Collective shortly after. I’ve been taking drawing and painting classes for years and being able to share what I know is amazing. I also have a passion for reading and writing, you’ll actually find me at most times deeply engrossed in a book. My husband and I have been happily married for 3 years, we’re also high school sweethearts. We both love animals and being in the great outdoors. Camping, hunting, fishing, and 4-wheeling are just a few things we like to do and can’t wait for our baby boy to be born to share it all with him.

Stacey Riggs.jpg
Stacey Riggs // Equine Studies Administrator

My name is Stacey Riggs and I live in Eagle Creek, Or. Where I run a boarding stable and riding lesson program. I have been training and teaching for 20+ years. My students compete in a variety of levels and show at the local level all the way up to National level. I truly enjoy teaching others about horsemanship and helping them further along in that journey. In my spare time I enjoy horse camping, boating, and riding quads in the sand dunes.

Nataly Cuellar.jpg
Nataly Cuellar // Teacher

My name is Ms. Nataly Cuellar and I am an Educator for Mt Hood Center Learning Collective. I currently teach the 3rd-5th cohort but I also help teach Spanish to all the cohorts. I have been teaching for over 12 years and I love learning just as much from my students as I like teaching them. I am new to Mt Hood Center Learning Collective and Oregon, coming from Sunny California. I am a compassionate and immersive teacher. I love to utilize my skills and incorporate my love for art, culture, history, science, health and nature into my teaching. I love to teach my students to always be mindful of their peers and caring of our earth.

Arianna Duncan.jpeg
Arianna Duncan // Instructor

My name is Arianna Duncan. I’ve been obsessed with horses ever since I was a little kid and when I turned 19yrs old I made my dream come true and I bought my first horse. Prior to that I leased a horse and showed for a couple years in 4H, now I run my own 4H group, teach kids how to ride & handle horses, and I have 4 horses of my own. I grew up in Milwaukie, lived & worked in Oregon City as I got older and now I live in Boring. I’m excited to work at Mt Hood and continue teaching kids about horses!

Jenny Coulter.jpg
Jenny Coulter // Volunteer Coordinator

Hi all, For all who don’t know me, I’m Jenny Coulter. I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. So when I’m reaching out regarding volunteer needs, you have a face to the name. Our family is very happy to be at the school and invested in its growth and success.

Mary Askew // Volunteer

I assist all grades with the equine program Volunteering during the fires with all of the evacuated horses was life changing. Caring for the horses had made such an impact on me, I wanted to do all I could to help the horses and learn as much as I can about them. MHC decided to have my volunteer time be with the horse program and the kids. It had been a blessing and a blast working with the kids and horses. Aside from horses, I love skiing and weightlifting. I run my family’s Italian restaurant in gresham Oregon.

My daughter is in first grade at the collective, her name is Clyde. She absolutely loves the school and what they have to offer.

Elizabeth (Liz) Delmatoff // Learning Collective Administrator

I have been working in education since 1984. I am passionate about quality education for all children regardless of background, race or culture. Learning should be creative and fun, engendering a passion for lifelong learning. Teaching and learning in a collaborative learning collective is a wonderful opportunity for students, families and educators. I am excited to support this process through my experience as a teacher, coach, teacher mentor and administrator.

Joliene Adams // Educator & Spanish language programming co-developer

I have worked with children from ages 2 up through high school, first starting in 2009. This has included traditional and non-traditional educational settings. In the USA I have taught in Portland, Eugene, and Colorado while abroad I have taught in Bolivia and Easter Island. While I am not a parent currently, I do have two nephews I adore and am with often (ages 8 and 11).

When not working, I love to be outside kayaking/climbing/hiking with my partner (also an educator!), making progress on my upcoming Children's book, playing with my nephews, and taking my friends dogs for walks. Lastly..... Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers) is a central personal role model for me and in my work with children.